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Monday, January 16, 2012

Recipe Index

Accidental Brownies
Apple Cake 
Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
Applesauce Cookies
Bacon Bread
Baked Yams and Winter Squash
Barbecue Beef Short Ribs
Basic Bread
Beef Stew
Biscuits and Gravy
Bubble and Squeak 
Butter Toffee 
Butter Rum Popcorn
Butternut Squash Custard
Candied Popcorn
Candied Yams
Candy Cane Cookies (aka Smash-em up Cookies)
Cake Mix Cookies
Cherry Bars 
Cherry Chocolate Tarts 
Chicken Mushroom and Leek Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup 
Chilled Monkey Brains (gelatin dessert)
Chocolate Chunks
Chocolate Freezer Cookies
Chocolate Frog Cookies
Cookie Mix in a Jar (Oatmeal, Brownie variations) 
Cranberry Sweet Potato Muffins
Cream Puffs 
Cream of Tomato Soup
Curried Pickle Chunks
Dairy-Free Cream of Vegetable Soup
Date Cake
Double Turkey Gravy
Eyeball Gelatin
Eyeball Soup
Fish Variations
Freezer Cookies
Fresh Cranberry Sauce 
Fresh Fruit Salsa
Fresh Guacamole
Fresh Salsa
Fried Noodles 
Fruit Cream
German Potato Salad
Ginger Honey Chews
Gluten-Free S'Mores Bars
Goat Cheese Spread
Gorilla Poop Cookies
Green Gelatin Salad
Green Tomato Mincemeat
Green Tomato Mincemeat Cookies
Gummy Bear Gelatin Salad
Hagrid's Thumbprint Cookies
Hawaiian Turkey Loaf 
Healthy Brownies
Hot Citrus Punch
Hot Fudge Sundae Cake
Island Chicken
Jello Cookies
Jello Cookies (includes Gluten-Free variation)
Jungle Salad
Kale Soup
Lazy Lasagna
Mango Salsa
Meatloaf, Crockpot Style
Minestrone Soup 
Monster Cookies
Mud Pie
Nacho Stacks
Navy Bean Soup
Ninja Turtle Soup
No-Bake Cookies
Not-so-Hot Wings
Oatmeal Supreme
Oregano Fried Noodles
Oregano Rice
Oriental Beef
Peanut Chews
Pie Crust
Poppy Seed Lime Salad Dressing
Potato Salad
Pudding Supreme
Pumpkin Cookies
Pumpkin Custard
Quick Peanut Fudge Sauce
Rhubarb Pie
Roast Garlic
Roast Turkey with Gravy
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes 
Seafood Salad
Slow-Cooked Pot Roast
Spiked Lemonade (non-alcoholic)
Spinach Bacon Salad
Spinach Salad with Bacon Dressing 
Split Pea Soup, Ham
Split Pea Soup, Vegetarian
Spotted Dick
Sticky Buns
Stuffed Zucchini
Sweet Na'an
Tandoori Chicken with Golden Rice
Tropical Southwest Chicken
Turkey a la King
Turkey Poop Soup
Turkey Stuffing
To-die-for Frosting
Vinagrette Salad Dressings
Watchagot Stew
Winter Fruit Salad
Zucchini Bread and Butter Pickles
Zucchini Cheese Pie