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Monday, January 9, 2012

Migraine Monday

The title says it all. I didn't read the ingredient list yesterday and ended up with an MSG triggered migraine today. Why do they put that stuff in everything?

Since I'm out of it, go read some of these blogs instead. Lots of fun, lots of topics, just lots of stuff to have fun with:

Speculative Friction, Frances Pauli's author blog - She's coming to The Far Edge of Normal the end of the month on a book promo tour.

The Troubadour, a look at the inner workings of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center where I work. My boss is freaking hilarious.

I'm a Lazy Mom - she's funny and down to earth. She has hordes of followers so I'm not doing this for a favor. I'm doing this because I enjoy reading her posts.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks - fun recipes complete with great pictures. She also has hordes of followers, but she's funny and gives great recipes that don't call for all sorts of weird ingredients.

Momentum Gathering - so positive and uplifting and honest. Bring tissues when you read these posts.

And if you haven't discovered this one yet, be prepared to laugh yourself sick. Cakewrecks!

Want to nominate a blog to list? If I get enough interest, I may make this a monthly feature. Just list some of your favorite blogs in the comments.