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Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Days, Life Happens

Ever have one of those days where you start with one item on your to-do list and by 10 pm that item is still on your list because life happened? That was my day today. That one item was to write my blog post.

My kids brought home a nasty bug. Fortunately, it only lasts a day or less. Unfortunately, it's very contagious. I woke up to a house full of sick kids. I felt lousy, too. So I called the schools and excused them, called work and left a message, then went back to bed. At 10:30 I got a call from my boss asking me about the planetarium show I was supposed to do at 10:30. He hadn't checked his urgent box yet and didn't realize I wasn't coming in. Next time, I'll keep calling until I get an answer.

So, since I was sick, I spent the day lounging on the couch, resting up so I could get better. Ha! Had you fooled for a minute, didn't I? I spent the day chasing kids, cooking lunch and dinner, making sure the laundry and chores got done, and working on projects on my computer. I even made it grocery shopping, more because the fridge was empty than because I wanted to go.

Okay, I'm sure you're bored by now. I hate when people post a long, detailed description of their illness and symptoms or the blow-by-blow account of their day. Unless something really funny or unusual happened, like growing frog's legs out of your arm, or having an Erma Bombeck day. I used to read her books in high school. There was something wrong with me. Why else would a teenager in the 80's be so amused by a 50's housewife's account of her day? Oops, I revealed how old I am. I also adore Doris Day movies, when I'm in the right mood.

I also cleaned out half my video collection. Guess how many I'm getting rid of? About twenty, most of them duplicates. Guess how many my kids insisted we keep? At least 100. This dejunking of the house is going very slowly. My kids are pack rats with emotional attachments to broken bits of cheap plastic toys, books missing both covers and half the pages, and dead VHS tapes.

They also keep all their homework papers, from every grade. I should make my 23yo finish those second grade worksheets he never did...

Ha! Blog post is now finished. I can go to bed...


  1. I relate to your kids. I'm a pack rat, too. Hope you're better soon!

  2. I always like to say 'and then life happened' because it just does.

  3. Life is happening a lot lately for us. We're trying to clean out 17+ years of accumulated stuff so we can move sometime in the next few months, depending on what kind of job James can land. He's employed here, but he hates his job and is having no luck finding anything new. And we feel like we need to be moving out of state. I hate having everything up in the air for so long, but that's the way it's going right now.

    Bryan - we have a house full of pack rats. I'm much better than I used to be but I don't know how many of my books and videos I can part with.


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