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Monday, September 5, 2011

The best hang out I've found online

BestsellerBound is a message board, discussion forum for authors and readers, and a great community of wonderful people. I joined shortly after it opened and I haven't regretted a second of time I've spent there.

The board is celebrating it's first anniversary this week. Here are a couple of blog posts explaining what it is. Plus, the authors on BsB are giving away free books as part of the party. Visit the blog posts and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for a free book.

What are you waiting for? Go read the posts, leave a comment for the contest, then visit to join a wonderful community of writers and readers!


  1. It feels like a lot longer than a year, doesn't it? Wow. We are so awesome.

  2. Thanks for being part of the group, Jaleta, and the celebration. This has been a great year, and BsB is the reason I've had so much fun.

  3. You all have come a long way in 1 year. I am honored to be a reader of all of your fabulous work!


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