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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Recipe - Marble Potatoes with Bacon

So our local grocery store here carries little tiny potatoes. They are pricey, but hey, every once in a while I have to splurge. Plus, they come in a variety mix that includes purple potatoes. I think they were called marble potatoes because they were almost small enough to be marbles.

The store also carries the most divine bacon. It's an "ends and pieces" package of a maple bacon that is almost ham, not bacon. Lots of meat, not so much fat.

Between those two ingredients and a new crockpot I had to try out, I came up with this recipe. It was delicious. Especially with a little salt and pepper and butter.

Marble Potatoes with Bacon

About 3 cups of small potatoes, marble or new reds or whatever you have that's really small. You could also chop up some bigger potatoes into chunks.
1/3 c. onion slices
1/2 c. bacon chunks
1/3 c. hot water

Get out a small crockpot, 1-2 quarts. Drop the onions and half the bacon in the bottom. Dump in the potatoes. Dump the rest of the bacon on top. Pour in the water. Cover and cook on high for 4-6 hours, until potatoes are fork tender.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Moving Excitement

We've been in our new house for just over a week now. It's been quite the change, but so far, I'm loving it. We don't have the orc head up yet because I can't find where my husband packed the art hanging stuff but everything else is coming together. We'll have boxes around for at least another month.

I have one box I can't find no matter how hard I search. It's a big box full of tupperware, measuring spoons, kitchen drawer organizers, and similar stuff. It's nowhere to be found which is odd since we went with a you-load-we-haul-you-unload company. Nobody has touched our belongings except us. I know the box got loaded in the truck. It's probably the same place that all those missing socks went.

It's off to unpack a few more boxes and assemble more bookshelves.