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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missed Monday

Missed again on Monday. I got caught up in doing stuff instead of writing my blog post. Wanna know what I did instead? In no particular order - Made peach cobbler, mopped the kitchen, went to work, vacuumed, watched a couple episodes of Buffy, took the dogs on a walk, went to a family birthday party, thought about moving the mound of stuff in the living that's destined for a thrift store donation bin, called my brother about the van we're selling, talked about Cub Scouts with a neighbor, felt guilty for not running three other errands, avoided the laundry room because I really don't want to tackle cleaning it out, stayed up way too late waiting for my daughter to get home, ran car pools, heated up leftover soup for dinner, rescued the cat from the slug crawling up his back, thought about pulling dandelions out of the yard, decided the yard was too muddy, cleaned the floor of the pantry, did my part of organizing/cleaning the freezer by finishing off a carton of ice cream, checked the bank balance...

Yep. Total excitement. My life is probably just as glamorous as yours. Nobody really wants to read all that. So, I'm asking you, my readers, what do you want to read on my blog? I've got a few author interviews lined up and I can write up book/movie reviews. I could talk about conventions and writing or quilt piecing and crocheting. I could talk about living with autism and teenagers. I could blather about all sorts of stuff. But is that what you would like to read?

Thursdays will continue to be recipe days, although I'd love suggestions on what recipes you'd be interested in.

Thanks in advance for your comments.