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Monday, September 20, 2010

Convention Etiquette for Mad Scientists

I spent the weekend in Dallas TX at FenCon. I had a marvelous time- lots of friendly people, lots of fun, lots of men in kilts *giggle*, and lots of other stuff. The theme was mad science, so here's some rules for you mad scientists out there.

1. If you are an evil mad scientist and plan to take over the world, do not announce this in a room full of heroes. Keep your evil plans secret until your minions are in place. That way you can destroy all the heroes at the same time, before they have a chance to stop you.

2. Mad scientists can work for the good side without a loss of too much dignity. Life expectancy is much higher if you work for a hero creating gadgets because you rarely have to leave your secret lab.

3. Mad scientists are required to have crazy hair or be completely bald. Hair gel or cheap wigs can be used to great effect, just watch out for that bunsen burner. Burning hair is quite entertaining--on someone else.

4. If you are a scientist but not mad yet, you can either work at a daycare center until you go crazy or you can get involved in local politics, depending on which definition of mad you are trying to achieve.

5. Wear a white labcoat if you want everyone to know you are a scientist. With the hair from #4, no one will be able to mistake you for any other occupation. If you really want to make sure, add funky protective goggles and gloves to your ensemble, then cackle madly.

6. You must practice your evil laugh. Everyone knows mad scientists must use their evil laugh at every opportunity. It can range from a demented chuckle to a bass "Mwuhahahahaha!" Rubbing your hands is also compulsory.

7. Mad scientists must have an entire lab full of strange bubbling beakers and colorful liquids. Things such as assorted body parts, strange electrical devices, rats, and hunchback assistants only add to the general atmosphere. Most can be acquired from your local supermart for a decent price. They tend to be on clearance in the spring.

8. Don't bother getting a science degree. Universities tend to focus more on real science and less on aesthetics. Everyone knows that mad scientists don't actually do any science. See the above 7 rules if you have questions.

Good luck on your mad science projects!


  1. Lol, these made me laugh! My son is hard at work on number six. He's got a laugh to rival any mad scientist. :)

  2. I live in a house of mad scientists. The evil cackling gets to be deafening some nights. And the gadget parts stored in every corner of my house are starting to drive me mad. Excuse me, I must tend to the bubbling vials on my stove...

    Thanks for the comment, Shallee. You'll have to record his laugh and upload it sometime.


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