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Monday, May 30, 2011

Lessons Learned at ConDuit

ConDuit is an annual science-fiction/fantasy/horror convention in Salt Lake City. It's not a huge con. But the quality of guests and attendees is incredible. And the friendliness is unbelievable. Maybe it's because I'm local and I know most of these people. Maybe it's just Utah grows positive attitudes in its SF/F/Horror community. Either way, I had a fabulous weekend.

We took our horde with us this year. I was a bit nervous. My kids have never been to a con. I wasn't sure how they'd react. They had a blast. Even the 8yo and 10yo were happy and busy all weekend. The hotel bill was a bit steep, but 8 people in a nice hotel for a weekend eating in the restaurant isn't cheap no matter how you slice it. Every one of my kids wants to go back. Kudos to the committee and gaming people for keeping ConDuit very family friendly and inclusive. And a huge thank you to my hubby who ran the track for the kids. He had some great panels and demonstrations lined up. The kids at the con loved it.

I loved seeing all my friends from past years and meeting new ones. ConDuit has great regulars who come and hang out. The authors who come are very accessible and willing to share advice and stories with us newbies who haven't been authors for that long. The artists who come are just as much fun to talk with. I'm not sure about the gaming gurus because I don't hang out in that end of the con much. Not enough time to do it all or I would. I'd start naming names but I'm afraid if I miss someone they might think I don't like them anymore. Which isn't true. I love seeing these people. I miss the ones who didn't make it this year.

This year, I got to see a Nebula award up close and personal. It's awesome. I want one for my award shelf. Congratulations to Eric James Stone for winning it. They couldn't have awarded it to a nicer person. If you haven't read his stories, you really should. He oozes talent. And most of them are funny.

If you've never been to a convention and you like science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, horror, or just like having a good time, check out ConDuit. Come join us next Memorial Day weekend. The costumes are fun, the conversations intriguing, and the people very friendly. It's a great place to discover new authors and stories to read, new artists to decorate your walls, and make new friends.

Sorry, no pictures. I keep forgetting I own a camera. But if you search for ConDuit Convention, I'm sure lots of other people have posted pics.


  1. It was great! And so nice to see you there. I'm excited to read your next book.

  2. Thanks, Angie. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend there. As I said, so many nice people attend that convention it's hard not to have a great time.

    Book two is coming. Promise!

  3. It was great fun chatting with you there. I agree, it's a fun con! And seeing Eric's Nebula was awesome.

  4. Hi, Ami! It was nice to meet your husband, too. I love ConDuit just for the hang-out-and-visit aspect.


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