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Monday, February 12, 2018

It's Coming...

No, not Valentine's Day, though that is just around the corner and we're going to celebrate 32 years of marriage this year on that day. It's not RadCon, but yes, I will be there next week to talk about writing and books and geek stuff and admire costumes.

It's another audio book!

Well, two actually.

Poisoned Pawn, Book 3 of the Altairan Empire series, is in the final stages of editing. The audiobook should be out by the end of February, depending on how long it takes ACX to vet it. I'll post links when they're ready.

And after a year of delays and problems, Dark Dancer is underway again. I'm hoping to have it out by summer.

Book 4 of the series, Kumadai Run, should start production later this year.

It's moving but slowly.

Meanwhile in other publishing news, I've got a slew of short stories coming out in various anthologies. I'm still working through some health issues, but I'm ready to start tackling those long-overdue novels.

So if you enjoy my writing, there is more on the way. I'm hoping to get another short story collection out by summer. And lots more fun stuff into production.

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