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Monday, December 30, 2013

Summing Up 2013

It's been a year. Can we leave it at that?

On the writing front, my publisher broke up with me in July. I started self-publishing the rest of the series because who would pick it up at book 4? Books 4-6 are done, ebook and print. Book 7 is out in ebook. Still working on the print version. Books 8-11 are going through final edits, cover design, and the rest. Book 1 reverted back to me, so I'm going to edit it again and redo the cover, then re-publish. I wanted to get them all out by February, but I don't see that happening. Maybe by summer I'll have the whole series done. I'm still doing a few short stories, but most of my writing time is focused on a different genre than SF/F or horror. It's called Academic Writing. Meanwhile, go read the fun stuff. It's all linked here.

I'm back in school working on a Master's degree in Instructional Design. It's hard, especially after being out of school for twenty years, but it's so much fun. I'm loving my major and the great conversations. It's a little disconcerting to realize that when my professors were in first grade, I had four kids. And that I'm old enough to be mom to most of the other grad students in my classes. But since you're only as old as you act, I'm doing fine. I'm writing lots of academic papers, including grant proposals.

As far as work goes, it's been all drama all the time this year. The school district is playing hardball politics with the CMSEC and its employees as the ball. I almost never work there anymore. It makes me very sad to see what used to be such an awesome program, full of energy and innovation and enthusiasm, reduced to a shell of its former glory. The private space center, the Discovery Center, is going through growing pains. It opened in March and overall is doing fairly well. The energy and enthusiasm are there, but unfocused and all over the place. If they can pull things together and get a good leader, they'll do very well. Which is a good thing because that's where I'm focusing what little energy isn't sucked away by school. Bossman is building his new center at Renaissance - Farpoint Station. It's interesting to be involved in this, but it can be disheartening, too. Change is inevitable. Let's hope 2014 sees more positive changes.

On the craft front, I make things when I can't think anymore but I'm too worked up to sit still and relax. I crochet a lot, and post most of it on Ravelry in the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corp. It's silly, but I need some silly in my life. I need some writing assignments that aren't going to be judged by professors or reviewers or an editor. I need something just for fun.

Family wise, we're doing well. Two weddings coming up this year - daughter who already got married but still wants to celebrate and a son who just got engaged. A high school graduation is coming up, too. And possible mission preparations. We'll see. One son was just awarded his Eagle scout, the other just has paperwork to finish and submit. The youngest boy needs to be registered as a special needs scout. We jumped through the hoops with a psychologist so he could. The rest are doing well. Life is life.

May you and yours be blessed with a wonderful year. I'm not going to curse you with, "May you live in interesting times," because I think we already are. Good and bad will come to all. May you find joy in living, whatever comes your way.

And may you always have backup tacos handy. Although I prefer mine a bit more edible than these. (And if you're on Ravelry, stop by and say hi. I'm vampiresquid and I'm a Lt. Cmdr. in Starfleet Fiber Arts Corp.)


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