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Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Not Too Late...

To buy ebooks! For yourself or for Christmas presents. Amazon makes it easy to gift Kindle books to other people. All you need is their email address. Smashwords also makes it easy to give ebooks as gifts, if you need a different format than Kindle.

So why not give a book this year?

Now for the blatant self-promotional pitch - why not give some or all of my books? I'm up to book 7 in the series, with four more to come. Lots of action and adventure. Just go to for a list of all the books and links to buy them.

Get book 1, Nexus Point free with code AA47G at Smashwords.
Get book 4, Kumadai Run, for just 99cents with code TG89S at Smashwords, but only until January 14, 2014.

Follow this blog or follow the page on Facebook to get more coupons and special deals. Or just do it to make me feel better as an author. Some days I feel like I'm shouting inside my head and no one notices. Do you ever feel like that? I love comments, too. One of these days, I'll get a contest thing going for people who comment...

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