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Monday, October 15, 2012

Oscar the Grouch is a Time Lord

I admit, I watched Sesame Street for many years. I haven't watched for the last ten years or so, mostly because the show got too Politically Correct for my taste. And I can't stand that horrid little red manipulator named Elmo. *shudder*

I've come to the realization that Oscar the Grouch is a Time Lord.

1. He has funky hair that never stays where it belongs. Plus he has very expressive eyebrows.

2. He has a very long scarf that he uses as a tool. (Mostly only in the holiday specials where he has the garbageman Sully take his garbage can to the ice rink...)

3. He does strange, inexplicable things without giving any reason for his actions. (See above)

4. He eats very weird food. Pickles and ice cream are the most normal of his dishes.

5. He has several companions - Slimey the worm and the elephant, to name two.

And the clincher -

6. His garbage can is MUCH bigger on the inside. Oscar has a swimming pool, bowling alley, ballroom, and movie theater inside that thing.


  1. I agree. Definitely a time lord.

  2. His tardis-can must be broken down, though. That's why he hangs out on Sesame Street all the time.

  3. That also explains why he was so cranky all the time. Trapped away from his people and surrounded by muppet aspects of childhood.


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