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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teaser Tuesday! Poem

Part of Teaser Tuesday - Enjoy!

Spin and tumble in my head,
Churning, spinning,
Building pressure like steam in a kettle,
Seeking escape.

Buzzing in my brain
Like a wasp on a window,
Watching with alien malevolence
Waiting for me to approach,
To smother or smash into complacency,
Only to be stung as the words demand release.

Burning like a flame,
Searing their path through my mind,
Consuming, devouring,
Building to a raging inferno,
Demanding complete submission.

Erupting like lava,
Cascading in fiery torrents from my fingers,
Flowing from my brain,
Liquid stone, blazing with heat,
Destroying my peace, shattering my world,
Until the passion settles.
The words rest cold and hard,
Set in hexagonal columns
Like basalt,
Form immutable.

Lie before me,
Holding all the fire
of my empty soul.

Nothing more,
Nothing less,


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