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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Post - It's Monday!

It's been a crazy week. I was planning on doing a book review today, but I'm so far behind, I won't be able to do it justice. So, instead, here is some insanity from my life this week.

Wedding plans - ARGH! I just had to get that out. My daughter's wedding is in six days and counting. I'm debating about barricading myself in my closet until then. I have flowers and dishes and tablecloths and decorations and presents and just STUFF in piles all over my house.

Bills and government stuff - paying bills always makes me happy. Ha! What a liar I am. I hate paying bills. I also got to deal with government agencies recently. I need a new drivers license, and because I have to prove who I am, I need my SS card, but I misplaced it somewhere in the mass of dead tree matter that covers my desk, so I had to go apply for a new one. Fortunately, I did find my birth certificate so I didn't have to mail stuff to another state again to request another copy. But I got grief because I no longer use my first name that's on my birth certificate but not on my other stuff because I LEGALLY CHANGED it when I got married. That mess is now straightened out and dealt with. Now I just have to track down the phone numbers for the insurance situation and straighten that back out.

I also edited two stories and wrote more on a new one this morning while sitting in the dr's office with my daughter. I submitted those stories, too. Woohoo, go me.

I also made it to the BSA office to register two new cub scouts in our pack and buy new program guides for the leaders.

Birthday present for myself- I'm going to slaughter zombies now. After I run three more errands...