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Friday, August 10, 2012

Question #9

If you were stranded on a desert island, who is the one person you would want stranded with you and why? What one object would you die without? What food would you miss the most?

Have fun.

Prize is:
A lovely sunbonnet Cthulhu pillow, because you would need a comforting pillow while you're stranded.
(I made a whole bunch of these to give GoH's at World Horror Con 2012. Perks of being on the committee, I get to freak out big-name horror writers with my sick and twisted craftiness.)


  1. Person: (I'm using my husband's answer for this one because he said it so bluntly) "Superman, because then he'd just fly me back home to you!"
    Object I would die without: Shade- I'm a bit of a lobster in the sun, even if it's an arctic island on an alien planet.
    Food I would miss the most: Yogurt. Not only does it help my tummy stay happy, but it is tasty and creamy and pure deliciousness.

  2. My friend Hillary. She is a survival type who is also one of my coauthors on the weirdest project I've ever written. I would die without my Red Sox t-shirt. And I would miss sushi the most.

  3. Person: Bruce Willis.
    Item: Paper (I'll write with charcoal or something)
    Food: Bread


  4. Only one person? There are seven I must have with me! I'd die without something to write with, and I'd miss chocolate the most.


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