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Friday, August 10, 2012

Number Six Coming Up...

Another scavenger hunt question for you.

Gems are important in Priestess of the Eggstone. Skystones are very rare blue gemstones that get mentioned because they really are important to the plot several times. Then there is the Eggstone, although it's not really a gem. It's an alien god or AI or something. It isn't telling.

I'm a sucker for rocks. I have a BS in Geology and buckets of rocks all over my house. I love the folklore and mythology behind gemstones. I love the feel of them in my hands. I was thrilled to go shopping for rocks for prizes.

Where's your favorite site to drool over pictures of lovely stones? They don't have to be jewelry or even sparkly, just really cool rocks. Post a link or three and share.

Prize is...
The picture is kind of small, but that is a lovely azurite cabochon. I got it, then realized the blue color wasn't quite what I wanted for skystones. Neither is the aventurine, but if you blended the two...

This piece is cut and polished in a tear drop shape about an inch long. It's a lovely shade of purplish blue.


  1. I'll get a link in a minute ... Emeral Hollow mine in NC is a great place to pick up your own rocks!


  3. *rubbing hands* Come to me, my precious pretties.

    (Yes, apple macbooks make great picture backdrops for cut stones.)

  4. I found a whole page of just blue gemstones. I like very much.

  5. I *want* that 86 carat topaz. Gorgeous!

  6. Africa Gems!

  7. I like THIS kind of rock...


    Let the drooling commence.


  9. Frances, you are evil posting that site. *wiping drool off my chin* Gorgeous.

    Ish, I love your rock, too. Those are beautiful. I have the urge to go rock hounding again really soon.


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