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Friday, August 10, 2012

#10 coming right up...

What's your favorite writing or reading spot? It doesn't have to be real, just the place you would most like to be while writing/reading.

I dream of a tropical beach complete with cabana and unlimited fruit smoothies. A soft breeze, palm trees, garlands of flowers hanging from the cabana, and steel drums playing in the distance complete my fantasy. Very conducive to the kind of explosive mayhem I tend to write.

Prize this time is
A skystone. Just under an inch long, it's cut and polished aventurine. It's such a pretty blue-green color, just like the ocean. Well, in some places.


  1. I'm a curl up all alone in a quiet space reader. I'd say a cave or a cabin, somewhere remote. Oh, to read a whole book without hearing, "MOM!"

  2. My favorite writing and reading spot is underneath this tree in my 'backyard.' I'm on the edge of the Provo River Trail and there's a long stretch of grass behind my house with a lovely tree for shade. I've taken books, dinner, lunch, my laptop, nephews, whatever needs to entertain me out there.

  3. I could do with a few "MOM"-less days every now and then. I love them, but sometimes...

    Ish, that sounds perfect. I'll have to come walk the trail and look for you sometime.

  4. A good, hard couch with soft pillows, preferably in sunlight.


  5. There is a beautiful grove of scrub oak and maple just behind my house. Love it!


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