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Monday, January 8, 2018

Movie Review - What's Up Doc?

This is the classic from 1972 starring Barbara Streisand, who looks so young, and Ryan O'Neal, who looks a lot like young Kurt Russell.

The whole family sat down to watch this one with me on New Year's Eve. We laughed our way through it. Great acting, great jokes, and just a silly fun movie.

Basically, the story is set in a hotel in San Francisco. Four travelers arrive on the same day with identical suitcases/luggage. And it's plaid. Total 70s, but in a fun way. One case has top secret documents and is being fought over by two spies. One case has a rich woman's jewelry collection. So much bling! Another case has a woman's clothes. And the last case has Howard's rocks. Not just any rocks, but musical rocks.

It's silly, campy, stupid at times, but very entertaining.

Five stars and a whole-hearted recommendation if you're looking for a comedy.

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