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Monday, June 2, 2014

Introducing . . . . . . Myrick, the Magnificent!

A couple of years ago, my friend and I edited a fun anthology titled "Wandering Weeds: Tales of Rabid Vegetation." One of the stories we included was a fun little gem about a wizard-wannabe named Myrick who gets into a lot of trouble and wears magic socks. I'm happy to say that Myrick's story has grown into a whole collection. If you want some fun and giggles, check it out.

Check out the author's post about the book here.

"Are you sure you want to be an adventurer?

"Believe me, there are plenty of dragons, moronic guards, golems, evil sorcerers, zombies, blood-thirsty plants, undead necromancers, bandits, and troglyns out there who do NOT have your health and happiness in mind. If it weren't for my friends--the squirrel-like Nut-boy, the beautiful yet brawny Princess Frederica, and the ever-loyal but brainless Nonac the barbarian--I wouldn't be alive today to warn you about the many dangers out there. Of course, possessing magic running socks helps a lot, too, even though they seem to get me into trouble as fast as they get me out.

"So, I've compiled a few of my life experiences in an effort to convince you, my good friends, to just stay home, lock your doors, and keep a loaded crossbow handy. Oh, and have a barbarian around in case something needs to be thumped senseless."


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