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Monday, May 12, 2014

Short and Sweet

Just for fun and giggles, I'm going to share very short fiction with you. Enjoy!

There were four of them, and each was exactly like the other. in their snowy stillness  Their unnatural sameness sent a chill down Marinda’s spine.  She reached into her bag for something to throw at them. If she hit one, would the other three react? After a few seconds’ rummaging, she found the perfect projectile.
The bottle of vodka had been in her bag for a week, ever since her spate of self-loathing over breaking up with Trevor, her boyfriend of three days. She patted her coat pocket. Yes, she still had her lighter. She needed something absorbent, though to complete the malatov cocktail.
She crouched, setting the bottle and her lighter in front of her on the ice-caked sidewalk. Her hand fumbled in her bag while she stared her enemy in his dark eyes. The four of them waited, uncanny in their stillness. Four identical sets of eyes, four evil faces. She shivered.
There! Her hand closed around a tampon. Not the classiest wick, but it should work nicely. She popped the stopper from the bottle and jammed the tampon into the neck, sloshing the alcohol inside. The tampon swelled as the icy liquid crept through its fibers.
“Eat this!” Marinda flicked her lighter, setting the tampon ablaze. She hurled the bottle at her enemies. Flames exploded across the snowy yard, obliterating the identical quadruplets.

Marinda brushed snow from her bag, slinging it over her shoulder. She always had hated snowmen.

Stay tuned for more next week...