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Friday, April 26, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents...

Once a week, a group of us from the SFR Brigade post snippets from our current writings (click the link to find the rest). Here's mine from Poisoned Pawn:

Luke Verity arrived at the restaurant a fashionable forty minutes late. The planet Kimmel boasted some very glamorous night spots. This wasn’t one of them. Luke could barely conceal his disdain for the dusty decor and bland food. He tried to be civil to his dining companion, but even that was difficult. The man dressed with no sense of style or fashion. He looked like an accountant. He smelled of sweat.
Ortel leaned forward. “I’m telling you, Hom Verity, this sector is ripe for the taking. You find a way to get the governer in your pocket and no one can stop you.”