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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

I was going to write a whole slew of reviews for ebooks I've read recently, but... (and it's a couple of biggies)...

First, I had a week off work. The mail piled up. I spent too much time clearing the desk again today. Then, my daughter needed my huge van to run a couple of errands. That's where the rest of my day went.

Second, my allergies were acting up so my head felt like someone was poking hot pokers up through my sinuses.

Third, My zombie farm needs my attention on my iPod so I can't check what books are on there that need reviews.

Fourth, I don't want to think. About anything. It is time for mind-numbing tv watching.

Fifth, I'd really rather write another chapter of my WIP.

Sixth, if I review these books, I just might get abducted by Zarkinoids from the Blemthul Nebula. They would throw me in a room in the starship and make me watch space as we travel FTL. Hey, it *could* happen. Somedays I wish it would.

Seventh, I still need to fix dinner and feed my horde of children who are apparently helpless, except when it comes to defeating the evil hordes that threaten MarioWorld or Hyperion (or wherever it is that Link lives). Or in running the tv remote.

Eighth, since I'm an author, I'm not supposed to review books anymore. And because I do it for the love, my opinion doesn't matter. I'm not a professional. The next person who tells me that is going to get a dangling participle shoved up where the sun don't shine. My reviews are my opinions. Take them or leave them. My taste in books may not be the same as yours. That's one reason why there are so many books out there in such a wide variety of styles, subjects, and genres. Yes, some of the authors I spotlight are my friends. Yes, some of the books I review are their books. Does that influence my review? Possibly. Does it matter? I still won't review, or even finish, a book I don't like no matter who wrote it, whether it's a self-pub friend's book or a NY bestseller list book. But then aren't all reviews a matter of opinion?

Ninth, I could do this all night. I'm a writer. I'm good at making stuff up. Except I still have to get dinner on the table.


  1. I dropped by to see if there might be anything interesting going on over here.
    Boy, was there ever! :)

  2. Thanks, Joel. After a long and frustrating day, it's nice to have friends stop by.

  3. I hope supper got eaten. I failed at that yesterday. Aaron threw in a couple of pizzas when he got home. =P


  4. I had Daniel throw some leftovers in the crockpot. Not the best, but certainly still edible. I think my kids would have preferred pizza. ;)


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