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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How much would you pay?

I was really bored this weekend. I made this:

Yes, that is Cthulu. Yes, he is crocheted. And yes, he is covering a roll of toilet paper on the back of a toilet. The perfect bathroom accessory for just about anyone.

My question is, How much would YOU pay for one of these beauties? If I have enough interest, I'll make more and find a way to sell them to you.

Please leave your price quote in the comments section. One random commenter will win something, maybe even this lovely bathroom accessory if I have enough entries.


  1. Superb. I'll give you GBP10 for one in deep purple.

  2. I think you should have a contest and give one away :)

    Heather would LOVE it!

  3. Would I dare go potty again? =)

  4. Mark, let me see if I've got some dark purple around here.

    Tara, Heather is a strange child, but I'll keep that in mind for future gifting for her.

    Hannah, only if you want to risk madness and having your soul sucked out through your eyeballs.

  5. My kids (ages 5,4,3) love it. And they even know who Cthulhu is-thanks to me being their Dad and Lil' Cthulhu.

  6. Why do crocheted Cthulus always look so darn CUTE???

    Nice job, Jaleta. Why not check Etsy for other versions of the dude and price yours accordingly?

  7. David, that is good parenting. My kids know who he is, too.

    Aaron, thanks!

    Susan, great idea on checking etsy. Why didn't I think of that? And he is very cute, I think it has something to do with crochet in general.

  8. How did you end up with that much spare time? Or did the crafting bug hit you as badly as it hit me?

  9. Not feeling well and didn't want to just watch tv. It kept my fingers busy.

  10. So evil, so cute! If I saw this in a store, I'd pay 10-15 dollars. More if it was a custom job.

  11. The second one is half finished. I'm on a roll! (of TP)


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