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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Warning, possible venting session in progress

Maybe I'm just overtired, stressed, and suffering from allergies. Or maybe not. Two small things this morning have triggered a rant session.

First, I mentioned a favorite author on a sci-fi list. Her books get slammed as flawed because she has a very minor sidestory romance. I respect that other people may not want human emotion in their SF, but I write space opera romance. Okay, that one *is* due to lack to sleep and too much benadryl. I'm just going to be careful what opinions I air on that list.

Second, I made what I considered a reasonable request. We just recently upgraded our planetarium to a digital version with all sorts of incredible features. One of these is the ability to display beautiful artwork of the constellations. My problem? We work with mostly 10-14 year-old children. I live in a very conservative, religious area. Some of the constellations are basically naked. Anyone who works with pre-teens knows that will trigger giggling and raunchy jokes. When that happens, you've lost the group. Good luck teaching them anything. I posted on the planetarium website if it was possible to add clothing. Basically, I get told I'm the one with a problem. I personally don't really care, but I know what's going to happen if any parent gets wind of their child being exposed to a naked woman in our planetarium. Like I said, we're a very religious, conservative area. We're going to get chewed out by the school district. Big time. *NOT* something my boss wants to deal with.

So, for now, the pretty pictures are going to be used VERY conservatively. Much as I appreciate your artwork, whoever you are that drew them, I'm sorry. I work for a school district. I can't afford to rock the boat and unfortunately, mostly naked women in the planetarium are going to do that.

It's a shame, really. I love the system and what it can do. I hate that I now have to censor that part of it simply because someone won't put a few more draperies on the women.


  1. Hope the rest of your day goes better. Try not to take it personally. In reality, there are no naked women up there ... well, maybe there are. But you can't see them. :D

  2. Well, at least no one can claim that you weren't looking out for trouble down the road.

  3. My boss's mantra - "What can go wrong? What can possibly cause problems? How can we prevent the whole situation from ever becoming a problem?"

    I know she isn't really naked, it's just stars. But we like to show the artwork, it helps engage the kids' imaginations. That sounded better in my head.

    I can just hear some little 3rd grader going home and telling his very religious mother that he saw a naked lady in the sky at school. The crap would hit the fan, we'd have to answer to the school board, and our program would get suspended. It's that kind of conservative in our area.

    Thanks. I'm just frustrated that no one on the planetarium forum sees this as any kind of a problem. And getting told to my face that it is not a real issue is like being slapped. The people here protested Victoria's Secret ads at the mall outside the store. They'd definitely complain about Andromeda in the planetarium.

  4. "I hate that I now have to censor that part of it simply because someone won't put a few more draperies on the women."

    Maybe what you MEANT to say, Jaleta is: "I hate that I now have to censor that part of it simply because, in this supposedly democratic country, there are people who don't believe in freedom of speech, except when it applies to themselves." ;)

    If the constellations are of naked people, and your area is so conservative, why is that the ARTIST'S fault?

  5. I'm not blaming the artist, Kaz. I just happen to work in a public school in a very conservative area. And they are marketing the system to schools.

    But the company spokesman posted they are adding a feature to allow us to upload our own set of artwork for the constellations in the future. So problem solved. I can add draperies myself.

    If it were me and the system were privately owned, I'd say what the hey and show it anyway.


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