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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Warning, possible venting session in progress

Maybe I'm just overtired, stressed, and suffering from allergies. Or maybe not. Two small things this morning have triggered a rant session.

First, I mentioned a favorite author on a sci-fi list. Her books get slammed as flawed because she has a very minor sidestory romance. I respect that other people may not want human emotion in their SF, but I write space opera romance. Okay, that one *is* due to lack to sleep and too much benadryl. I'm just going to be careful what opinions I air on that list.

Second, I made what I considered a reasonable request. We just recently upgraded our planetarium to a digital version with all sorts of incredible features. One of these is the ability to display beautiful artwork of the constellations. My problem? We work with mostly 10-14 year-old children. I live in a very conservative, religious area. Some of the constellations are basically naked. Anyone who works with pre-teens knows that will trigger giggling and raunchy jokes. When that happens, you've lost the group. Good luck teaching them anything. I posted on the planetarium website if it was possible to add clothing. Basically, I get told I'm the one with a problem. I personally don't really care, but I know what's going to happen if any parent gets wind of their child being exposed to a naked woman in our planetarium. Like I said, we're a very religious, conservative area. We're going to get chewed out by the school district. Big time. *NOT* something my boss wants to deal with.

So, for now, the pretty pictures are going to be used VERY conservatively. Much as I appreciate your artwork, whoever you are that drew them, I'm sorry. I work for a school district. I can't afford to rock the boat and unfortunately, mostly naked women in the planetarium are going to do that.

It's a shame, really. I love the system and what it can do. I hate that I now have to censor that part of it simply because someone won't put a few more draperies on the women.