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Monday, May 24, 2010

Children's Books Mashups

I blame The Spectacle for this one. A discussion of Logan's Run turned into a version based on the horrible children's classic primers - Look, look. See, see. See Logan. Logan is running. Run, Logan, run. Oh, oh. See Timmy run. Bad Timmy. Timmy is over 30. Timmy must die. See Logan shoot Timmy. Bad Logan. Mother will not like the mess. See Logan turn 30. See Logan run. Run, Logan, run. Run, run, run.

Um, yeah. I blame the Benadryl and my migraine. So what other mashups can you dream up involving children's books and classic sci-fi?


  1. See the Lagoon.

    See the Creature.

    See the Girl.

    Run, Girl, run!

    See the Creature carry the Girl.

    Bad Creature.


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