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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Writing Challenge

Got a WIP that you need an extra nudge to get you moving again? Join in on the fun!

My goals for April -
1. Finish initial edit of book 2 for publisher
2. Finish at least 3 short stories
3. Write at least 10,000 words on one WIP novel

Check out Tristi's blog here for the main challenge:


  1. My goals - finish 1st draft of novel#2 [one chapter to go!! hooooo!!], get flash fiction, done. finish edits on "Semper", finish writing "Principles", begin spit & polish editing / revising of novel#1. It'd be nice to get through the first 17 chapters in rewrites before April is out. But, I won't hold my breath. I have a workshop on the 10 for getting packets ready for agents. So, that should help me with the editing ... I hope. :D

  2. Great goal!

    I sat down to work on my goal and realized it really doesn't take much to pound out a thousand goal for the month is 10,000 words (I wrote 0 on my WIP last month,) but I think I'm going to take it one day at a time and shoot for 500-1000 each day, and see where that takes me.

    Nice to virtually "meet" you!

  3. Hi, Jen! Nice to meet you, too.

    Impressive list, M Pax. I hope we can both reach our goals. Life keeps interfering with my writing, though. With a whole week off, I sincerely hope I can escape day job long enough to accomplish a couple of them.

    So, 10,000 words or lots of editing - let's do it, ladies!

  4. I'm going to shoot for finishing a short story, and starting the second draft on the book I'm working on (it's mostly planned out, so it should be do-able). Anything after that is gravy.

  5. I like that you're keeping your goals reachable, Lynn. I tend to set my expectations too high for myself.

    But any writing is better than none.

  6. I tend to overdo the goal thing most of the time. It's hard to keep it simple. :D

  7. I find myself overestimating what I really can do - I could do it, if I didn't have three other jobs and children and a husband. Life interferes, often. So this weekend, instead of writing, I get to finish up some quilts and start working on a wedding.

    Next week, spring break - so no work or school to interfere. I'm going to lock myself in my bedroom with several pounds of chocolate.

    Tonight I will finish editing book 2, only forty or so pages, shouldn't take more than a couple of hours.

    I also have a book to finish reading for a review, and a manuscript my publisher asked me to read and comment on. I love how extra projects creep in.

    So what am I doing? Email until I have to go to work in about 15 minutes. That's writing, right?


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