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Monday, December 19, 2016

More Kid Crafts - Dreamcatchers

My Cub Scout den made dreamcatchers a couple of weeks ago. We tried several different methods. This is the one that worked the best. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures and didn't save any examples. But they were easy and cheap and the kids had a lot of fun with them.

A lot of sites give instructions on making them with paper plates, but I didn't like the look of those. I found another one that used bracelets that I liked much better. This post has a lot of cool ideas, and was the inspiration for what I eventually did with my scouts.



  • plastic bracelets - the kind with the beaded-bump thingies around the outside are the best but any will do. Cheap ones are just fine for this.
  • pipe cleaners - optional but they help hold the yarn in place
  • yarn or colored string
  • ribbon - optional, but thin ribbon could be used for the inside of the dreamcatcher as well as for tying things on
  • assorted pony beads and other dangly bits like feathers, jingle bells, plastic bear claws or buttons

1- Wrap pipe cleaners in a spiral around the outside of the bracelet if desired.
2- Cut a length of yarn or string about 3 feet long. Tie one end to the bracelet. Wrap the string back and forth across the bracelet to make a spiderweb type design. You can loop it around and tie it if you want the string to stay in place better. Add beads to the string if you want them in the middle of the dreamcatcher. Tie off the yarn when finished.
3- Add beads, feathers, and whatever you want to add to the bottom of the dream catcher with additional lengths of yarn or ribbons.
4- Add a loop at the top to hang the dreamcatcher.

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