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Monday, May 9, 2016

Serendipity at a Freeway Rest Stop

My son and I took a trip from Washington to Utah for graduations. Very long drive, especially across Idaho. We stopped at a rest stop somewhere in the middle of the state. It was time to stretch and take a break for a few minutes.

At a picnic table near a bunch of bushes, my son spied two cats. They looked healthy and happy. They were curious although skittish and timid if we got too close. They were beautiful animals, one black and white the other a cream color tabby.

I looked around at the dry gravel and sand of the desert area. The stand of bushes were about the only green things in the rest stop. Somehow these two cats were not just surviving and living at the rest stop, but they were flourishing.

I had to laugh at the sight of the two of them, just patiently lounging on the picnic table, waiting for someone to leave them a few crumbs.

Life hands you unexpected surprises. You can find joy in the oddest circumstances. I have no idea where the cats came from or whether anyone actually takes care of them, but I want to believe that they are happy living in the bushes at the rest stop in the middle of Idaho. They certainly looked happy.

If I'd been better prepared I would have had my phone with me to snap a picture, but I don't usually think to grab the camera. If you're driving on I-84 across Idaho traveling west to east and you stop at a rest stop with big bushes near the picnic tables, look for the cats. And maybe leave them a bite of your tuna sandwich.

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