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Monday, February 1, 2016

Shiny New Same Old

It's weird. I know I'm living in a totally different state, but it's the same old same old 99% of the time. The people are different. The street names are different. The house is different. But I may as well be back in my old town. The stores are the same. Unless I really look at the horizon or drive near the river, the neighborhood is the same. The weather is similar, not as cold and rain a lot more than snow. So why did I move? The air is cleaner. The traffic is lighter. Our yard is much flatter.

I tell people we moved for my health, which is true, but it isn't the full truth. We moved because we felt it was the right thing to do. It's scary because my husband is quitting his job soon and doesn't have a new one yet, but we have faith that something will work out. We're in a good place financially so that isn't too much of a worry. Health insurance is a concern, but we'll figure that out, too.

My husband and I both believe in personal revelation, that God has a plan for us. We don't know the plan, but we trust His guidance. We have faith that this move will be good for us.

Meanwhile, I'm gaining mad skills at assembling mail order furniture. I've put together bookshelves, cabinets, lamps, and chairs so far. I'm getting good at connecting all our electronics and getting them set up. My boys put together the desks so I can't claim that one. Now to get the art hung, including my lovely hunting trophy. I rolled a natural 20 to behead this beastie. You can get your own at monsterhedz. I need to get me a dragon skull...

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