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Monday, November 30, 2015

Moving Woes

My life is incredibly insane right now. I successfully defended my thesis and made the revisions and thought I'd have a week or two to relax and catch my breath. HA! Not gonna happen. We were looking to relocate so we put our house on the market thinking it might take a while to sell. We had plans. We were going to be moved out and settled before the house sold. I should have known better.

The deal we were working on fell apart. The other options we were looking at weren't working out. And our house is now under contract. We're scrambling to find jobs, a house to move to, and dealing with kids with anxiety issues as well as over twenty years of accumulated stuff.

Can I curl up under my desk and whimper for a while? Wait, that desk is in storage...

But in the long run, this will be better for my writing, my health, and our kids. We hope.

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