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Monday, April 6, 2015

Why I Do Giveaways

It seems like the internet is just a giant steaming pile of spam some days. I hate to feel like I'm adding to it. "Buy my book," I scream as I stand on the street corner in my trenchcoat and hat, flashing book covers at people glancing my way. I'm a book pimp. And I hate that feeling. I am not good at self-promotion. I'd rather hide under my desk and write more books than get out there to promote the ones I've already written. But if I don't do it, then nobody will.

So I've decided that instead of endlessly screaming at people, I'd do the promo I'm more comfortable with. I do guest blogs and interviews. I try to connect with people on social media. And I occasionally participate in giveaways and contests and events with other authors.

Somewhere in the middle of taking care of promo and life and business things like taxes and invoices, I find time to craft more stories. Well, not right now. My writing time is being eaten up with school projects, some of which are very cool but still top secret. Let's just say I'm working on another ARG even cooler than DUST.

If you're looking for lots of promo, I can point you to a lot of authors who will gladly spam you every which way they can. If you want to read great books, I try to point you to those when I find them. If you're looking for fun giveaways, I sometimes have those, too.

Like right now, there's this one going on (Click here for the full post):

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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