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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oops, Missed One and RADCON! Here I Come!

Welp, I didn't even make it to the end of January before I broke one of my resolutions. I was going to post here every Monday. Missed one, but on the up side, missed it because life was so hectic I didn't have time to write a post. That means I'm busy and doing lots of great things.

Like this weekend. I'm headed off on a road trip to Pasco, Washington, for RadCon! A whole weekend of hanging out with my writing friends and having fun at a convention. My daughter is coming with me. The rest are staying home. My son is staying behind because he has a date for the Valentine's dance at the high school. He's got a girlfriend. Not sure I'm ready for that. When did my kids get so grown up?

I was invited to RadCon as a professional guest. That means I'm a real author now. I'm on two panels - Sex, Violence, and the Modern YA Story and Religion in Fantasy and Science Fiction. Could they have picked some less controversial panels for me? Either way, it should be entertaining. I'm also doing a reading and the autograph session.

So if you're in that area of Washington state, stop by and say hi!

And if you aren't, have a great Valentine's Day and/or Singles Awareness Day.

James, happy anniversary on the 14th. 29 years. Has it really been that long?

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