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Monday, March 24, 2014

Home Improvement, Again

I didn't want to rip out my bedroom and bathroom. With everything else going on in my life, I didn't need the extra stress, chaos, and work. But, the shower was leaking through the downstairs ceiling and I'm certain the carpet was starting to gain sentience. And, most important, our contractor neighbor who did my kitchen a year and a bit ago was available.

So we tore out the bedroom and bathroom. My sons took a sledgehammer to the tiled hole-in-the-wall shower left over from the 70s that was designed for short people. We took saws and hammers to the closet and tore that out, too. The popcorn ceiling came down.

It's half back together and looking much better. My husband and I have had our share of heated conversations regarding wall colors, the style of the new vanity, what we're replacing the closet with, and other design decisions. We didn't argue over the new shower surround (it's awesome - it's Ambrosia on the second row down, click for a big picture) or moving the shower head up a foot. He let me pick the carpet and linoleum (which was no fun, all carpet colors in style now are either grayed out or shades of poo; all vinyl flooring looks like fake stone or wood, what happened to the flower tile patterns?).

So we're waiting on insurance at this point, since the subfloor was much more damaged than we originally thought. And waiting for things to come together is hard. I'm tired of living out of boxes in the basement and sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I'm tired of the chaos and stacks of things in other rooms.

And I can't wait to see the finished room come together.


  1. I wish you had pictures, but the Ambrosia looks lovely.

    We aren't doing that intense a job right now. But the bathroom and hallway were never really finished from a few years ago. So this month we (mostly*I*) have finished off some plastering, fixing the really botched job around the window, and patching the hole in the ceiling which served as a laundry chute for a couple years (and other booboos the kid I hired then left me with); and now I'm priming the walls. Fortunately, I only have to paint what was repaired, because I'm keeping the same color, and have the formula.

    I hope you post pictures when you're done, but I love seeing 'in progress' too.

    1. My camera quit working several months ago. I'll get one of the other people in this house with cameras to take some pictures later this week when it starts coming together.

      Sounds like you've been busy. Home improvement is a never-ending chore.


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