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Monday, January 20, 2014

Typing with a Cat in my Lap is *not* Fun

This post brought to you on a post-migraine hangover headache. And if anyone tells me that a migraine is "just a bad headache," then I'll tell you that chopping off all your arms and legs equals "only a flesh wound." I'd rather have the flu. Or chickenpox again.

We have a very large cat named Chunkalicious Rex, King of Lard. He's mad at me for sitting in "his" chair so he's lounging in my lap making it very difficult to type. But he's purring and not biting so that's an improvement over his usual reaction to me. Some days I wonder what the cat is really thinking.

Here are some books with talking animals: the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, or Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams, or Alice in Wonderland, or the Narnia books. What others would you add to the list? I know a lot of children's books feature talking animals, but what semi-grown-up books use them and do it well?