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Monday, January 16, 2012

NaHoImMo Update

They look better in real life, promise.
November is long gone. NaNoWriMo is long over. But at my house, NaHoImMo is still going strong. Maybe I should change it to NaHoImYe (National Home Improvement Year) since it's taking me so long to finish projects. My family room is finally together, except for one curtain panel that Wally's World has yet to deliver and the paintings that need to be hung. Only two, we're keeping it simple.
Finally framed this print. Now to hang it.

My living room is finally complete - junk removed, walls cleaned, carpet sort of cleaned (the pros are coming in March), furniture rearranged, extra books and furniture removed, AND valance curtain sewn and installed. Doesn't it look pretty?

The cat's butt has been washed again. He was so heavy when we adopted him last spring, he couldn't reach it. So my son washes it for him. The cat has finally lost enough weight he can reach it now, but he apparently doesn't know how to clean himself. Or else he has the IQ of a pickle.

AND, on top of everything else, I'm now officially a grandma. He's a week old today.

Now to tackle the master bedroom and bathroom.

Maybe I'll take a nap and write some stories instead.

Living room valance is done.
Chunkalicious finally has a clean butt, for a day or two.
My grandson being held by his aunt, my youngest.