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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm back!

Did you miss me? My router quit working last week and it's been entertaining trying to get a new one that works. Me and technology don't always get along. If it can break in a weird way, it does.

So, I'm back online and buried under things that need taken care of ASAP. Instead of posting my own story, I'll direct you to Maria Savva's blog post- It's a great tribute to BestsellerBound's new venture, a one-stop spot to find all sorts of great indie books. These are published by the author or by small presses. Since advertising budgets tend to be non-existent for these gems, you never hear about them. Self-publishing has come a long way. Yes, there are duds out there, some of them horrific like a train wreck involving clowns and puppy dogs. But there are some beautifully written books that you won't find on the normal lists. So check out the stores and download some great books this holiday season. Many of them are also available in print, but order early!

The title list is growing daily, so check back often for new reads.

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