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Monday, June 14, 2010

Author Interview - Rebecca Savage

 Today, I'm interviewing Rebecca Savage, a contemporary romance author. Let's give her a big welcome.

Hi, Rebecca. How can we find you? Website, blog, Facebook, Twitter?

All three: The best way is to go to my website and click on any link to get you to my other spots, like blogs, MySpace, Twitter, etc.
Facebook: Rebecca Savage

What do you currently have in print and where can we find them?

I have 8 books in print. Best way to find them is go to my website and click on any book cover. They should all be linked directly to purchase link
Titles: Coincidence, Combustion, Consequences, Fueled By Instinct, Cloaked In Assassination, Destination Ever After, Guard My Baby, Guard My Body.

What genre do you write?

I write Contemporary Romantic Suspense about stalkers, snipers, assassins, FBI agents, CIA operatives, DEA covert characters, and…normal people.

You say you're a school teacher. I have to ask since I teach, too. What grade/subject?

I teach high school and college History and Social Studies, as well as German. I lived in Italy for 5 ½ years as Morse Code operator so I speak fluent Italian and obviously German, and my oldest daughter was born in Germany so I spent some time there too. I’ve also gone TDY to 5 other countries. I’ve been around…be nice. I didn’t mean it that way

You list "Author of the Year 2009", please tell us more about the award.

I had no idea I was even in the running for author of the year…how does one know that in advance? LOL. But I tried to promo as much as possible last year, and I guess it paid off. I’m doing the same thing this summer. I spend my summers writing and doing promo, and my school year editing, reviewing and surviving high school
I won the award through Champagne Books for my trilogy: Coincidence, Combustion, and Consequences, for which I was up for Book of the Month and then Book of the Year at Long and Short Reviews a couple of times last year.

Congratulations on the award!
Do you have cats or other pets? Why or why not?

I like fish…why? Because they’re easy, and they move so effortlessly. I wish I moved that easily. I have run the gauntlet of having dogs and cats for my children, but last child is a Junior next year, and I am done with that mess. For those of you who are animals lovers, don’t be angry. They’re just not my thing. They’re beautiful and can be sweet, but I’m done doing the caregiver thing. Yes, I know, I’m delusional if I think my kids won’t come back for my help-the ones ‘out of the house’ already do- but still…I can dream, can’t I?

I think we can all dream about that. What inspires your stories?

I write about what I know. I was a Morse Code Operator with a Top Secret Clearance, and I don’t have to research much, especially since I teach History and Politics. But I can’t tell you what I did in the Air Force for another 40 years – 65 years total from exit from military duty-by then I will have forgotten…already have…JK

I'd love to ask you more, but I don't want to have you shoot me. LOL
What events do you have coming up?

I am doing several book signings this summer and most important I’m going to the beach. Oh, you meant to stick to writing…lol…well, the book signings, and contests on my website. There’s always one running, and if you leave comment on this blog and one on my website contact form, I’ll enter you for a free pdf of any of my books you choose;)

How do you like your romance, sweet or spicy?

I like sweet and spicy. I like all genres, as long as there’s a good plot and story other than just the mushy stuff. I like the mushy stuff too, but I want good fast-paced story to keep the mushy stuff important. But I read anything from sweet/religious to erotica…I know, I’m warped.:)

What is your current WIP?

Last summer I started two books, one is the third of a trilogy, and the other is something new to me altogether: a dragon story. It’s been challenging, and I plan to finish both this summer.

Do you write to music or not? If so, what type of music inspires you the most?

Anything 80s has to be inspiring…but I don’t like background noise when I write, or any other noise either. I threaten to kill anything that bugs me…I take it back. It’s not a threat. It’s a promise.

What hobbies do you have that you want to share?

I love to crochet. I write…crochet and think. Then write some more…crochet and think some more…about writing or anything else that pops into my strange brain.:)

Did you always want to be an author? Who inspired you?

I had no inkling of being an author until I finished my Masters in History summer 2003 and sat down to read something fun for a change. I read a romance novel and was hooked. Read about two hundred more then sat on the couch reading one day and thought, “What would I write if I wrote?” it’s all been downhill…oh, I mean uphill since then…
Other authors inspire me, especially the big names, because they’ve found a way to make it to the top where I want to be, although I like it right where I am too.

What are your favorite movies, TV shows, or books to read? Is there one that you could watch/read over and over without ever tiring of it?

I only watch three things on TV: Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent, and American Idol. I like movies and go often with my kids. I crochet while I watch those shows, and I read when I’m not watching TV or at the movies or doing the other millions things I’m up to. I used to watch the comedy series Friends but now I own the DVDs of the series so I go on Friends binges sometimes with my family.

What characters are your favorites from your books? From any work of fiction?

I like all my characters, of course, but the ones that are tough women who take no junk from men or anyone else are my favorites, which pretty much applies to all my heroines And the boys have to be tough too but not so tough they’re overbearing jerks.

If you could meet one historical person for dinner, who would it be and why?

Napoleon Bonapart! He’s my hero. Yes, I know he was an egotistic wienie, but he was sooooooo smart!
If you could travel anywhere on Earth, where would you want to go? If you could travel anywhere, fictional or real, where would you go?

I’d love to go back to Italy, since I was stationed there in the military and have friends there. I plan to go there next summer for a reunion of all those who lived on the base at any time when it was open. The base is closed now. Very few people send or copy Morse Code any more…so…the base closed.

If you could time travel, what is one event you would want to see in person, either future or past?

Moses parting the waters…I know. Unexpected, right? But that would be awesome…as long as I got to make it through to the other side…wait. What are the rules here? I don’t have to be of any specific religion and I can hop into my invisible time machine and get the heck out of dodge any time I want and not be stuck or get drown, right? LOL

What's your favorite color? Food? Reading spot?

My favorite color is green, pretty much any shade
My favorite food is…oh, who am I kidding? I love it all!
My favorite reading spot is any place comfortable, but I like the couch

Blurb from Guard My Body:

    •    A hard core CIA covert ops expert like Nash Kincaid takes everything seriously, especially his mission to retrieve classified information from his contact, take it to the right people, and stop the deaths of thousands of children at the hands of home-grown terrorists.
            A librarian with a wild side could throw a ringer into his plans, but Ayden Devlin takes most things seriously, too, even when she decides to live out the lives of the characters in the books she reads by helping her sister Leigh, a spy for the CIA. She lets Leigh insert classified information into her mouth where there’s a missing tooth, so she can safely transport the info to Nash.
            Nash and Ayden meet in a biker bar, and a hit man tries to kill Ayden. Nash throws his body in the path of a bullet to save her. A bullet grazes Ayden’s head and knocks her out cold. When she comes to, she and her rescuer have to establish trust. They don’t know each other, and the mission has gone awry. It takes time to convince each other of their respective honesty and identity.     
            It takes no time at all for them to realize they’re hot for each other, and not much more time to realize it’s more than heat. Love blooms, stoked by building passion, the flames rising higher with each new dangerous encounter.
            Will they survive to share their love and lives?

Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca. Good luck with your writing, teaching, and everything else!


  1. I like fish, too. It was nice to get to know you, Rebecca. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by for my interview;)
    I've been going mad with getting hacked, and moving, and getting divorced, and getting rid of foreign exchange students, and end of year at high school and college and now teaching summer semester;
    my life is a constant whirlwind!


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