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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Origin of Nexus Point

Nexus point - in math, the zero point of an equation, a beginning or point of origin.

So why name my novel that? It's the beginning of the series. The events that happen on Dadilan are the origin of the rest of the series. Some of them come back to haunt Dace with a vengeance. I don't want to say more lest I spoil future stories. Many of the characters in book one become important later in the series.

As far as the actual origin of the book, it wasn't the first. I started writing a novel, then realized it wasn't the beginning of Dace's story. So I went back and wrote the first novel, the beginning of her story. That was fifteen years ago. It's been a long journey to publication involving at least two major rewrites and countless editing sessions BEFORE I ever landed a publisher.

Teaser time - I'm almost through the initial edit of book two. How much should I say? More action, more villains, more friends, more Dace. And yes, Tayvis is involved. He's supposed to recruit Dace into the Patrol, but she has serious trouble of her own. I forgot how much fun I had writing this book.

Tentatively titled "Priestess of the Eggstone", book two won't be out for about a year. So buy a copy of book one and let Dace introduce herself and her story. For those of you hesitant to buy a series book one, each book is a complete story. Not entirely stand alone, but I promise not to drop you off a cliff then make you wait for a year to find out who survived.

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