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Monday, May 8, 2017

Things I Saw Driving the Interstate

I was on another road trip this weekend. Driving ten hours, many of them across Idaho. The state has some lovely scenery and fun places to visit, but I-84 isn't any of those. It is one of the most boring stretches of freeways I've ever been on. The scenery is mostly sagebrush and fields of grass. At least it's green this time of year.

We amused ourselves by watching the other trucks and cars driving the same stretch of boringness. Most of that was boring, too.

On a trip a while back, we saw a little old guy in a battered pickup that looked like it was ready to disintegrate any minute. The best part was his dog, though. He was a gigantic Great Dane trying to fit in the front seat of the little truck. He kept turning around and around with his head banging into the roof of the cab. His face would be smooshed against the passenger side window while his tail was whacking this little old guy in the face. We laughed for a solid forty-five miles watching the antics. Then the old guy took an exit and we drove one with just the memories.

This trip we only saw a couple of semi-trucks with fun logos.

One was a tanker truck with red letters on the back that looked like someone had done them with duct tape strips. They said LIVE TROUT. We had a good discussion for a while whether this was a call to action (Live!, trout.) or a statement about the state of trout or some other weird slogan. Then we got alongside the truck and saw the company logo - somebody's Trout Farm. The tanker truck was full of live trout. It makes sense when you think about it. All those fish need to be delivered somehow so they can stock the rivers and streams where people like to catch the fish.

Then we saw this truck:

Notice the logo - D&D Transportation Services. I have no idea what the D&D in this logo stands for, but we immediately jumped to Dungeons and Dragons.

So I present to you The Truck of Holding.

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