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Monday, May 1, 2017

Audiobook Release - Interagency Cooperation

My F.B.I. files short story is now available in audio! The narrator did a great job. I about died laughing the first time I heard his voice for Shondeen, the seven-foot tall Marilyn-Monroe-as-a-linebacker black elf FBI agent. Yeah, in my universe, FBI stands for Fairyland Border Investigations.

Watch for more FBI file stories coming later this year. And hopefully by Christmas, my taco truck elves novel, the first featuring the FBI, will be finished. Definitely silly, and very fun to write!

Interagency Cooperation

Tess gets an abrupt introduction to the Fairyland Border Investigations agent Shondeen when two redcaps sneak through a portal into the human world, Goose Creek to be exact, and go on a murderous rampage. Somebody has to stop them. Using whatever means she can devise.

Download a copy today!

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