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Monday, October 12, 2015

Person of Interest Definitely Caught My Interest

Have you noticed how tv shows these days are going for long story arcs that take at least the whole season, if not two or three, to resolve? Back in the day, tv shows told stories that took at most two or three episodes to finish, and those were usually reserved for season finales. Most storylines took one episode. Period. The End.

It makes sense. If you had to wait an entire week to get the next chapter in the story, you'd lose a lot of the urgency and interest. Yes, you still have to wait a week if you're watching the shows live. But with various recording devices and services like Netflix and instant streaming, long storylines are not just possible. They are becoming the norm.

I am definitely not complaining. I love it. I'm finding that watching shows with short storylines aren't as satisfying to me. Even movies are not as good. These tv shows really go into depth on the characters and settings and background. As long as it doesn't bog down the story, why not? It's like settling in with a really good book series.

Person of Interest is that kind of series. The story gets more tangled and convoluted the longer I watch. I just finished Season 3 and I can't wait to dive into Season 4. I really enjoy watching the characters evolve and finding out about new complications and issues.

The series is a dystopian-in-development that takes place in the now to near-future. It's totally 1984 in the making. I'm not a fan of that kind of dark storyline usually, but I'll make an exception with this show. The main character, Finch, is a Don Quixoté. He's full of goodness and light and hope. He sees the best in people and the future. Despite evil. Despite people who do horrible things. Despite the ever-looming presence of Big Brother. He believes in decency and goodness. And because of that, I can love the show and him.

If you've ever seen Man of La Mancha, the stories have a lot of similarities. Finch is taking people that most would assume are beyond redemption and finding ways to bring out the good in them. They have evolved into crusaders for the common good. Even though most of society is oblivious to what is happening, Finch and his friends are fighting for that right to remain oblivious. It's a hidden war, fought in shadows, which only adds to the tension. What if this is real? What if we are just ignorant because the government wants us to be ignorant? It's a believable scenario. And that's another reason I enjoy the show. I can believe in the truth of it. Even when I know it isn't true.

Besides that, the story is riveting. Three seasons in and I still don't see where it's headed. But the ride is fantastic so far.

Person of Interest is on Netflix. If you haven't watched it, go find it and spend a few days watching.

I give it an A, great show. I will warn that is a solid PG-13. The violence is a bit much, even for me. They keep the language and the innuendos clean, though. It's very definitely an adult storyline, so not one for the kids to watch.

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