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Monday, October 19, 2015

Breathing Room

It's nice to catch a breathing space every now and then. I finally found a few days. Sort of. My thesis is off to the committee. The house painting projects are (mostly) done. Those that are left are not critical. The house is cleaned up, cleared out, and officially up for sale. Work is not to busy, at least for me. The kids are old enough that they don't require much hands-on care anymore. Most of my projects are at a point where they don't require a lot of attention. So I have space to breathe.

That could change any moment. We're in a holding pattern waiting for the dominoes to start falling. Then big changes will happen, all at once. And I'll be wishing for more breathing room again.

What kinds of things do you wish you had more space and room for in your life? I'm looking forward to more time for writing fiction again. Time for quilting and crocheting. Maybe I'll take up sketching again. Or maybe gardening. Time for games and movies. Time to laugh with my family. Hiking, camping, perhaps fishing. What would you do if you had a day or three where you could do whatever you wanted?

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