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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Recipe - Curried Potatoes

This is another great Facebook recipe. Quick and easy and delicious, if you like curry. I happen to love curry so it was perfect for me. My family thought it was a little odd but tasty. I've never thought of cooking potatoes in curry before. It made a great side dish. You could add some shredded carrots and chicken chunks to make a one-pot meal out of it if you wanted.

This is the version I ended up making, cause I can't follow a recipe the way it's written to save my life.

Curried Potatoes

3 large potatoes, cut into bite-size cubes (should be about 4 c. total)
1/2 c. chopped onion
1 t. garlic powder
2 1/2 t. curry powder
1/2 t. cumin
1/2 c. hot water
1 T. oil

Heat oil in a large skillet. Add onion. Cook and stir until onion is soft, about 2 or 3 minutes. Add potatoes and seasonings. Stir to coat. Add water. Cover and cook over medium heat until potatoes are mostly done. Add more water if needed to keep it from sticking. Remove lid. Cook until extra water is absorbed and potatoes are very soft. The spices and the cooked potatoes combine with the seasonings to make a really flavorful chunky mashed potato-type dish.

You can add cayenne pepper to the seasonings if you want a bigger bite. You can also use fresh garlic if you've got it. I also added a handful of green onions for color.