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Monday, January 22, 2018

Getting Creative

You know what I love most about the creative process? Seeing something come together from bits and pieces of other stuff.

I love to make stuff. Some days I make words, stringing them into sentences then sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into stories. It's less visual than most creative projects, but no less satisfying. I love when I hit my rhythm and the words just flow. (Fascinating concept from psychology about Flow or being in the Zone.)

But some days my brain just won't make words. I stare at the blank screen or re-run the last couple of paragraphs of whatever I'm working on but nothing comes out right. A lot of times, I can push through it. If I start getting words down, eventually it will flow. But not every day.

So I have other projects.

I piece quilts. I love playing with the different colors and patterns. I never quite know how it's going to work out until I unfold the finished block or quilt top and see how it all goes together. The sum is definitely greater than the parts. Most of the time it looks gorgeous. Sometimes, though, I chose the fabrics poorly and it just isn't what I expected.

I also love crocheting. Taking skeins and balls of yarn and turning them into fun things. I do a lot of little animals, which are fun to make but can also be a pain to stitch together. I pick and choose the patterns. I'm currently making an afghan and having a ball choosing colors for each row. I'm only following the pattern for the stitches, the colors are all mine. (If you're into crocheting, knitting, or spinning, check out It's an excellent resource. And you can find me under vampiresquid. Send a friend request. I'd love to chat.)

And then there is the jewelry making. It can be fun, but mostly I just love playing with all the sparkly beads.

The kitchen is also a great place to get creative. Most of the time I make edible food. Sometimes, it's fantastic. And every once in a while, I cook something awful.

Being creative fills a need. I need to do something with my hands. I love to see quilts I've made on the beds. I love to snuggle under afghans I've made. I love to see people enjoying the food I've cooked. And I love to hear from people who have enjoyed my stories.

What do you do to get creative? What types of things do you enjoy making?

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