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Monday, July 11, 2016

Awesome Dream

I love it when I have awesome dreams at night. Last night I dreamed I was Dace, the main character from my series, and I was on a secret mission.

The first part of the dream, I was on the spaceship talking with my crew. It seems that Harper (the engineer from Andromeda) had convinced the health inspector to condemn our kitchen because he didn't like doing dishes. He was realizing that that meant he had to eat only pre-prepared foods, like salad, and he hated that. My ship crew also included ZoĆ« and Wash from Firefly and a whole bunch of other random people from different Sci-fi tv shows. The ship's galley looked like it came from a new-style Klingon ship—all dark shadows and sharp angles and weird cabinet doors and bulkheads. It was very cool.

Then I was in a monastery that looked like a giant square room made out of adobe. The monks were discussing their upcoming chocolate festival. I knew someone was going to try to bomb them so I was watching for the bad guy. He was young and very good-looking, kind of like James Bond but better, and he tried to persuade me to join him. I beat the tar out of him and saved the monastery. My commanding officer, Hannibal Smith from the A-Team, was very pleased with me. We all had a big dance party involving fake belly-dancing and lots of veils which we used to cover our escape.

I love it when my imagination is working over time. Now to find time to make this into a story and write it all down...

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