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Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

It's Labor Day, summer's last dying gasp. This is a day to grill hot dogs and hamburgers, eat watermelon, hang out in the backyard, and celebrate . . .  Hmmm... What are we celebrating on Labor Day anyway?

For me, I'm celebrating a new book release and the start of school. I'm also mourning the end of my very brief vacation this year. I've had two weeks off of school. Sort of. I've been busy working on paperwork so I can start my project this fall. We're dealing with an older dog with terminal cancer. My kids were off the deep end waiting for school to start because of all the changes. Autism and big life changes don't mix well. But things are calming down. New classes start tomorrow for me. I'm not happy to be back at school already, but I'm excited for learning new things.

How are you celebrating Labor Day? *What* are you celebrating today? What new adventures are you looking forward to soon?

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