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Monday, January 17, 2011

Clarion Writing Prompts

I recently joined the Clarion blog. They do writing prompts. This is #2:

Go try it, see what you come up with. It's rather fun.

This was my entry:

Wings fluttered against the wind. Snow crystals caked on gauzy membranes. Shinea shivered as she fought to gain altitude. The wind pushed her into crazy dances with the blowing snow. Her thin dress, crafted from summer rose petals, wilted in the frigid air. Her skin faded from creamy pink to pale blue. Her tiny teeth chattered, like an insect's scratchy call.

One wing shredded under a blast of winter air. She spiraled into a pine, landing on snow covered needles that cut her delicate skin as she clutched to keep from tumbling to the distant ground.

More snowflakes danced across the night wind. They slammed into her face, like blows. Shinea curled into a tight ball, her remaining wing fluttering useless over her back. The petals of her dress blew free into the night, a crumbling remnant of a season long past.

Shinea's skin blanched white as the cold sucked the life from her. Her hold slipped, ice coated fingers too numb to hold to the pine needles. The wind swept her from her perch. She spun, like a snowflake, through the wintry forest.

And high above, white robes swirling in the winter wind, the Snow Queen laughed.


  1. I'll have to chack out that link. Thanks!

  2. The blog is open to anyone, so please, come join us. The writing prompts post about once a week, but none of them require more than a few minutes.


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