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Monday, January 10, 2011

Book Review - Rotting Tales: A Zombie Anthology

Isn't this a lovely image? It's the cover art for the anthology. The call for submissions explained it. The cover art was for a different zombie book that never happened. The publisher, Pill Hill Press, loved it enough they wanted to use it. So they put out a call for subs asking for stories inspired by the cover art.

The resulting stories range from silly to disturbing to horrific. Most are quite short, only a couple of pages. The variety of stories inspired by the same picture is remarkable. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, or about 60,000 in this case.

I'm not usually a fan of anthologies. This one only had two stories I skipped. There are a few with lots of profanity, but the majority of them are well-written and enjoyable. Most of them are disturbing, but it's a zombie anthology. You expect disturbing stories about the dead rising and eating the living. They don't disappoint in that regard.

My story, Always a Bridesmaid, is light-hearted and silly. I meant it to be that way. That's how I tackle horror. I find a way to laugh with it and gentle it. Brother Barry had me laughing out loud. I loved A Willing Ear. Not everything has to be serious when it's creepy.

Overall, Rotting Tales is a fun take on zombies with a lot of great stories. If you like zombies, not sparkly love-hunky ones but gooey rotting corpses, this book is full of them. It's another great read from Pill Hill Press.

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