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Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Traditions

Christmas abounds with traditions. We have lots at our house. I think I'll share one a week until Christmas, then it's time to start packing up the house. Hopefully we'll have somewhere to move to by then.

One of our favorite traditions is the twelve gifts of Christmas. We start December 12, at least with the gifts part. I start several days earlier. The idea is to have twelve gifts, wrapped and ready, by the evening of December 12. We open one gift a night. Each gift is a small treat for the family to share, something simple like a box of chocolates or cookies or some other special treat. On the outside of the present is a scripture reference. Before we can open the present and share the treat, we read the scripture and discuss the gift God has given us. It brings a more reverent feeling to our Christmas countdown and reminds us why we celebrate Christmas.

What family traditions do you love at Christmas?

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