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Monday, December 31, 2012

Adventures with SS Harvey #1 - Shakedown Cruise

Christmas came a little early for us. I was out running errands with my hubby early in November and we happened to pass an old RV for sale. I mentioned it might be fun. He took me seriously. One thing led to another and we ended up buying the old clunker. It was very clean, low mileage, everything worked, and the price was too good to pass up.

We christened it the SS Harvey, our very own personal warp-capable (barely) shuttlecraft.

Day 1-

Harvey made it one mile to our local grocery store before breaking down and refusing to work. Apparently, shuttlecraft need fuses in order for the engine to work.

Day 2-

On the road by 9:30 am. Drove all day, barely breaking warp 5. Snowstorm continued through most of Utah. Slush sprays reached roof level. Finally arrived at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. Lovely rock formations. Food supplies are running low. I'm bad at planning. May have to figure out how to cook sagebrush. Full moon and Orion are beautiful.

Day 3-

Civilization! Well, Las Vegas. Found Ethel M Chocolate Factory. I think I've died and gone to heaven. My drool runneth over. Three hours later, arrive back at Valley of Fire with supply of eggs, gluten-free beads, M&M's, and fine chocolates.

Unfortunately, electrical is non-existant. Furnace is not working. Went to bed with the sun (7 pm) due to cold and lack of light.

Day 4-

Woke at 5 am. (See Day 3 entry) Convinced pilot to leave campground by 6:30. Moonlight hike to see petrified wood. Fun, but cold.

Stopped for breakfast in Saint George UT. Drove home. No slush this time, just sunshine.

All in all, SS Harvey is a success. Looking forward to our next Adventure with Harvey.

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  1. That just rocked to much for words... :) Hope you and SS Harvey have many more beautiful adventures.


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